Adding Area Rugs To A Room Is An Easy Way To Improve The Room

Southwestern Rugs Are My Own Special Decorating Secret

The very first memory I have of decor is important to me was when I was 9-years-old and moved into my own room for the first time.  It was an older home, but I didn’t care because I had my own space!  My favorite part of my new room was the fact that one wall, the entire wall, was a massive cork board.  The possibilities in my 9-year-old mind were endless.  I could not wait to fill that wall with whatever I wanted.  It did not take long until it was full of posters, artwork I had done myself, knick-knacks I somehow managed to get to stay on there, letters from friends, and anything else I loved.  While I’m sure to the trained eye it was quite an overwhelming wall, to me, it was my first opportunity to use decor to express who I truly was.

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That cork board wall represented my interests, my friends, and my passions.  I was so proud of showing my room off to anyone who came over because I had made the connection that how we choose to decorate our space- the space that is solely ours to inhabit- says so much about ourselves.  I didn’t know how to say all of that verbally to everyone who entered my space, but I could let my room speak for me.  This left such a lasting impression on me, that I’ve seen it continue on in my life, whether it was by creatively using blankets as covers for my dorm-issued sofa, or by finding ways to personalize my Ikea purchases for my first off-campus apartment.  I just couldn’t let anything remain the way it was when I moved in because it felt so foreign- I was living in someone else’s definition of themselves and their space.  Changing it and making it my own is always the first thing I do now, so I can feel at peace with my space and what it says about me.  The freedom of expression that comes from decorating your space how you want to is amazing, I will never get tired of it!

Western Styles, Southwestern Styles, Native American Styles – All The Best

The environment we live in impacts our minds and well-being. Our surroundings, the colors we see, and objects all make impressions on our memories, influence our thoughts and moods. Decor, what makes a room unique, matters because it affects our mentality. Mental health is of great importance and the space we are in makes an impression on our cognition. An area decorated with brilliant blue curtains, aqua green knick knacks, intricately designed carpeting with heavenly white furniture may inspire feelings of well-being and energy when you add Native American or Southwest area rugs to your home decorating plan. Bright colors tend to be seen as energetic and happy. An open room with light pastels and uncluttered with a few candles may induce a calming effect. Imagination is a wonderful way to express one’s self. Decorating a room allows one to express their mind’s eye and get creative.


Decorating requires intricacy and precision, which exercises the brain. The placement of ornamentations and their designs can please the eye. The pleasantry of a room can induce the release of the neurotransmitters in the brain which makes us feel content. Being in a certain room can even lower stress levels. In fact, there is research out there that implicates that “blue space” lowers psychological distress. Every aspect of a room has significance. It’s the little details that bring it together. Articles of decor could serve as mementos and an expression of the self. It could be a vase from Africa that ties the room together or the rocking chair that’s been in the family for generations that bring happy memories. The decor of a room can create an environment that is healthier for the mind and induces feelings of wellbeing.


Even the act of decorating a room, being able to pick out the smallest detail that makes the room most functional and beautiful is exciting and benefits mental health. Fun fact, in the game “The Sims”, the more decorations a room has, the happier the sim character is. Thus proving that a room’s decor matters for your mood and contentment. Decor creates the ambiance of the room and sets the tone. In fashioning a beautiful room, a beautiful mind and desired mood can be created.